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Tracer Gun Mounted Light

This high performance Mountable Gun Lamp is a fantastic way to advance your hunting skills, this package includes a remote switch for stock mounting and a mount for your scope with 25mm & 30mm adapters.

  • F200 200m White Gun Lamp with Rat Tail in box

  • F400 400m White Gun Lamp with Rat Tail in ABS Carry Case

  • F600 400m Gun Lamp with White, Red. Blue & Green Pills Fitted in ABS Carry Case

Our Price

From Only 59.95


Deben Bipod


This Deben Bipod is made with lightweight, High grade hardened Alloys. This makes it very light and durable to withstand any terrains with any weather, it has fully adjustable legs on either side so you can shoot from any sloping angles. The bipod also has been designed to attach to a swivel stud that you would have put into the stock for the best quality of strength, it also has a swivel stud on the bipod so you can attach a sling to it with ease and no complications. The bipod comes in different sizes, 6-9", 9-13", 13-23"

Our Price

From Only 49.95


Hawke Sport HD AO IR

Hawke Sport HD AO IR


Sport HD AO IR from Hawke offers exceptional value for money without compromising optical performance or reliability. These scopes have Adjustable Objective focus with Illuminated Reticles that can be illuminated red or green depending on your background. HD (High Definition) coatings on all lenses reduce internal reflection, thereby increasing light transmission. The result: improved brightness and clarity.


The HD - (High Definition) optical coatings on all lenses reduces reflections both internally and externally, therefore increasing the amount of light that reaches the eye. This improves the image brightness and clarity, making the Sport HD iR range of riflescopes a joy to use. The compact fast focus eyebell keeps the Mil Dot reticle clear and crisp while the 1/4 M.O.A fingertip turrets zero the crosshairs - kept firmly in position by a high quality beryllium spring.

 Our Price

From Only 89.95


Sport HD Rimfire

Hawke Sport HD IR Rimfire

Delivering out-of-the-box 200-yard accuracy, the Hawke Sport HD IR Rimfire scope marries the most popular rifle in the world with innovative yet simple reticle design. When sighted in at 50 yards the Sport HD IR Rimfire provides 25-yard aim points from 50 to 200 yards, giving the user downrange accuracy never expected from a .22 rifle. As a bonus, there is no need to memorize aim points, as the yardages are etched directly onto the glass of the reticle.

Our Price

Only 99.95


Tripod Shooting Stick

Shooting Stick

Lightweight versatile telescopic shooting stick available with double or tripod legs for solid stability out in the field

Our Price

From Only 24.95


Jack Pyke Eagle Sling


Neoprene slimline padded shoulder strap
  • Non slip
  • Quick-release lock tight swivels
  • 25mm webbing straps

Our Price

Only 19.95

Camo Gun Tape

Soft woven Camo tape with latex, This fantastic tape can help you advance with your hunting skills as you will remain more hidden whiles out on the field, it helps to break your out line and take the glare off your gun barrel. This will help you stay hidden in the trees and hedge lines.
  • Self clinging - sticking to itself, not to your equipment
  • Reusable

Our Price

Only 6.95

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