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In House Training


We at The Country Sports Shop are considering putting a training area onto the shop to cover subjects such as:

Game Butchery Evening


Taking place in Shaldon on Wednesday 19th September from 7pm, Phil of GT Orsman Butchers has kindly offered to host an evening of butchery mainly concentrating on carcass preparation and butchering a deer. This evening will be invaluable for anyone that manages deer and is looking to butcher the carcass. Phil will show you how to handle, split, joint and store meat and how to get the most from your deer.

The evening promises to be informative but will definitely be entertaining, the cost of the evening is just 15 and each person attending will take home some game burgers and sausages, book your place in the shop and further directions will be given as to the address of the venue.


The Pro-Shooter Firearms Safe Handling Course


This course is designed to offer the non or less experienced shooter an opportunity to go through safe handling, use and shooting of centre fire rifles. Devon & Cornwall are dropping their insistence on mentoring but do want to know that the shooter asking for a centre fire rifle can show some form of competency in handling and shooting of a rifle. We run a course designed with this in mind that covers:


  • Safety Awareness

  • Bullet Trajectories and Ballistics

  • Types of Bullets and Legal Requirements

  • Safe Backdrops

  • Unsafe Backdrops

  • Shoot Test (either at a range or on shooter permission)

  • Safety Walk (conducted in the field, Ideally on shooters permission)

The next course will be run at The Country Sports Shop premises again on Tuesday 8/05 at 18:00, the cost of this course is 60 per person, limited to a maximum of six people. If we need to use the range to conduct a shoot test there there will be an additional cost of 25 plus ammunition to cover the range fee.




The Pro-Shooter Metallic Reloading Course - Tuesday 20th November


We have put together not only the basics of reloading but also the safety issues, reasons why and why not certain procedures should or should not be done as well as a reloading handout for each participant to take away for future reference. The course covers:


  • Safety Awareness

  • Case Preparation

  • Case Length

  • Primer Pocket & Neck Cleaning

  • Full Size Verses Neck Size

  • Powder Choice

  • Primer Choice

  • Minimum & Maximum Loads

  • Bullet Seating & Maximum C.O.L

  • Creating Ladder Loads


The next course will be run at The Country Sports Shop premises again on Tuesday 20/11 at 18:00, the cost of this course is 60 per person, limited to a maximum of six people, there will be opportunity to create cartridges during the course but unfortunately due to insurance restrictions you will not be able to take the loads with you but there is a pack containing hints and tips on reloading.




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