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Foam Ear Protectors

These ear protectors will protect your ears from damage when shooting a shotgun, as the blast can cause serious harm to your inner ears. They are made out of a soft foam that will mould to your ears during the day to give you the best comfort.

Our Price

Only £1.00

Comfort Fit Ear Protection

One pair of soft silicone rubber ear plugs Soft rubber silicone fits into the tightest ear canal whilst allowing the wearer a comfortable fit without that plugged up feeling. SNR 28dB.

Our Price

Only £3.95

Shooter's Aid

One pair of soft silicone rubber ear plugs Integrated mechanical valve allows wearer to hear normal conversation yet protects hearing from impact sound of firearm.

Soft rubber silicone fits into the tightest ear canal whilst allowing the wearer a comfortable fit without that plugged up feeling

Our Price

Only £11.95

Flugz Hearing Protection

Flugz advanced hearing protection are guaranteed to change the way you use, buy and think about re-usable earplugs. Founded on an innovative and user-friendly moulding system, the Flugz are microwaved* until flexible and then, once placed in your ear, maintain a comfortable and ergonomic shape which is unique to you. Flugz carry a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 decibels whilst still allowing you to hear low frequency sounds clearly and effectively, simultaneously remaining in place for hours without discomfort. Lasting for years and completely re-usable, these ingenious earplugs will make for the perfect addition to your days in the field. Does not require re-moulding before every use.

*The case features an aluminium rim, but we can assure you that this is 100% microwave safe.

Our Price

Only £24.95

Winchester Passive  Defenders

Winchester Low Pro Passive Folding Ear Muffs are designed to protect your hearing during shooting sessions at indoor or outdoor target ranges. These hearing protection earmuffs are rated to reduce noise by 31 decibels. The soft earcups and padded band of the Winchester Low Pro Passive Folding Ear Muffs make them comfortable to wear. With these sports earmuffs you can focus on your aim without worrying about noise. 

Our Price

Only £14.95

Walkers Elecronic Ear Muffs

The low-profile Electronic Hearing Muff combines great circuitry with a low-profile ear cup that's ideal for shotgun shooters and action shooters. The single microphone amplify sounds 4x, which amplifies normal communication, range commands, and environmental sounds. Above 85 decibels, the microphones shut off for a split second to protect the shooter's hearing.

Our Price

Only £39.95


Electronic Ear Defenders

The Razor series feature a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 dB, and utilized sound activated compression (SAC) of 0.02 seconds. SAC is a special electronic circuitry that will compress gunshots and other loud noises down to a safe level, without completely shutting the noise off. This allows you to hear range commands or communicate with your hunting partners, even when shots are being fired around you.

Our Price

Only £69.95

Bisley Safety Glasses

The Radians Hunter™ is a lightweight, popular design in shooting glasses. Available in X-TREME™ Anti-Fog lens choice. Features include lightweight, popular design, Rubber tipped temples, Polycarbonate lens and provides 99.9% UVA/UVB protection from the harmful rays of the sun.


Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 + standards.

Our Price

Only £9.95


Bisley Clay Shooters Case

Well made and Specifically designed to hold your cartridge box's over your shoulder while walking around the countryside, This bag made of of a fantastic, strong material will save all of the hassle of loose cartridge box's so you can shoot with ease.

  • Holds 100 boxed cartridges

  • Ergonomically designed carry handle

 Our Price

Only £19.95

Jack Pyke Shoulder Bag

Made with 600D cordura, with double pocket pouch that is belt mounted and comfortably holds 50 cartridges comfortably

Our Price

Only £25.95

Jack Pyke Cartridge Pouch

Made with 600D cordura, with double pocket pouch that is belt mounted and comfortably holds 50 cartridges comfortably

Our Price

Only £11.95

Jack Pyke Shoulder Bag

Cotton towel with polyester binding ideal for keeping both hands dry and gun clean

Our Price

Only £5.95

Jack Pyke Sporting Hat

Swoosh design with Jack Pyke logo made from 100% cotton with adjustable Velcro tab

Size: One size fits all

Our Price

Only £9.95

Jack Pyke Shotgun Slip

600D Cordura with shoulder strap and carrying handles with zipped side pocket

54'' long and holds most guns including semi-autos

Our Price

Only £37.95

Jack Pyke Pro Sport Slip

Full Image View

Made from 600D Cordura with foam padded interior and full length zip unique 'grab and go' design includes
  • Ear defender pouch
  • Padded glasses pouch
  • Choke pouch
  • Licence/document pocket
  • Carrying handles
  • Shoulder strap

54'' long and holds most guns including semi-autos

Our Price

Only £42.95

MacWet Gloves

All grip, no slip. That is the mission statement of these fantastic MacWet Aquatec® long mesh sports gloves. Great grip is crucial in a variety of activities, including golf, horse riding, watersports, shooting, fishing, cycling, paragliding and much much more. Even in the wettest conditions MacWet gloves will give you 100% grip so your performance isn’t hindered. The long glove finishes just above the wrist and has a thick elasticated cuff with Velcro strap for a secure fit.

Our Price

Only £24.95


CCI Clays

The most widely used clay suitable for all disciplines. It can be used to simulate all types of game. CCI's unique 'swirl' design assists straight flight.

Our Price

From Only £13.95

Promatic Pigeon Trap

Capacity for 50 standard clays, 65m throwing distance, 10-30 degree elevation, trolley mounted, 5m foot pedal for operation around the trap.

Our Price

Only £369.95


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