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LedRay F200

Gun Mounted Light

This high performance Mountable Gun Lamp is a fantastic way to advance your hunting skills, this package includes a remote switch for stock mounting and a mount for your scope with 25mm & 30mm adapters.

Our Price

Only £59.95

LedRay F400

Gun Mounted Light

This high performance Mountable Gun Lamp is a fantastic way to advance your hunting skills, this package includes a remote switch for stock mounting and a mount for your scope with 25mm & 30mm adapters. The lens is focusable and has three settings for brightness, coloured filers are available for this torch at additional cost.

Our Price

Only £89.95

LEDRay F600

Rechargeable Gun Light

Quad Colour LED's


This fantastic lamp has a great range of features such as quad colour LED pils allowing you to change between white, red, blue and green without the need for filters. High/Medium/Low settings with a 250m beam, a stock mounted pressure switch, and has up to 90 hours burn time (low setting). This great set up comes with a carry case that includes an adjustable quick release scope mount, rechargeable batteries with a base charger and a 2" removable snoot to reduce glare all packaged in a tough carry case.

Our Price

Only £139.95


This high performance LED combined with sophisticated circuitry is capable of producing an impressive and powerful 400m Beam. LED's can take a massive amount of punishment. They do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are less vulnerable to impact damage if you drop the torch.

A mode switch enables you to dim the LEDRay for lower light and extra long run time.

Our Price

Only £69.95

Lightforce Pred9X

The PRED9X operates wirelessly: no wires to get in your way when hunting. You can operate the PRED9X without taking your hand away from the firing position using the wireless switch which has a range to five metres and can be attached to your scope or rifle with a convenient Velcro strip. High contrast light source allows you to spot camouflaged prey in heavy cover. The inbuilt shroud controls stray light producing a tight spot, giving you better range than regular LEDs. This allows you to see beyond 250 yards. The high CRI bulb reduces eye shine and aids in species definition when hunting.

Our Price

Only £229.95

LED Rechargeable

Predator Hand Held

Predator Foxhunter Wireless Handheld lamp, 150mm lamp size with long life LED bulb producing a super bright long distance 500m beam. The lamp has a built in rechargeable battery and a mains charger & car charger are included along with a red filter all for an incredible price.

  • 500m beam

  • Mains charger & in-car charger included

  • Red filter included

Our Price

Only £59.95

Cree Rechargeable

Tracer Dual Sport Light

This dual colour lamp from Tracer has a dual colour pill built into the lamp allowing you to choose red without the need to add a filter that normally cuts the range down. The new charging system uses a USB plug and lead (supplied) that enables you to charge in the car if you have a USB port in your vehicle.

  • 300m beam

  • USB charger included

  • 2hr continuous run time

  • Aluminium alloy reflector and tough ABS caseing

Our Price

Only £69.95

Cree Rechargeable

Tracer 150 Sport Light

The nine LED light source delivers an outstanding high intensity beam with this unique design glass lens. The well balanced ergonomic design of the Tracer 27W Multi-LED lamp makes it comfortable to use. It has a runtime of one hour continuous and a beam range of 650m.

  • 650m beam

  • Mains charger & in-car charger included

  • Red filter included

Our Price

Only £89.95


The Laserware's ND-50 and ND-100 laser designator works in a similar way to a traditional gun lamp. However, the use of a laser module rather than an LED or halogen bulb results in a considerably brighter sight picture, and produces a wavelength that many types of quarry - including foxes, rabbits, mice, rats and boar - find difficult to register. The laser designator shoots a powerful laser module through optical glass to precisely illuminate targets hundreds of metres away. Because laser light does not scatter, the lamp provides a dense circle of light that, when fully focused, can travel over 1000 metres (1100 yards).

Our Price

From £179.95

Adjustable Torch Mount

Adjustable torch or laser mount, windage and elevation adjustments allow for centralising the beam to your cross hairs or setting to your scopes zero. Rail mounted so fits Picatinny rails on X-sight / Photon / Drone / Snipercam / Archer / Arrow and homebuilt night vision (you will need a mini rail for your scope) mounts in seconds and fits all 25 and 30mm scope / laser bodied illuminators. This type is not permanently fixed to one illuminator via hex bolts, so you can swap illuminators in the field without tools in seconds.

Our Price Only £39.95

Adjustable Lamp Clamp

Tracer's exclusive registered design torch mount system, developed to be fully adjustable to account for windage and elevation for precise targeting. The adjustable torch mount allows simple adjustment of the torch’s beam so that the full concentration of the light can be aimed at your target. Perfect for use with focusable torches where the beam can be concentrated to a tight spot. Ball and socket design allows the angle of the torch to smoothly adjust and suit any position. Quick-release mounting for fast installation and removal. Suitable for scopes with up to 60mm objective lenses.

Complete with 1" Scope Mount & 30mm Scope Mount

Our Price

Only £29.95

Double Lamp Clamp

This new clamp allows for a lamp and a rangefinder or IR lamp to be attached to your scope at the same time.

Our Price

Only £24.95

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