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Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit

This great value reloading set from Lee is an easy way of getting into reloading with everything bar the die set included. the set includes:

  • Breech Lock Challenger Press

  • Auto Prime with Set of Eleven Shell Holders

  • Lee Perfect Powder Measure

  • Lee Safety Powder Scale

  • Powder Funnel

  • Case Trimmer & Chamfer Tool

  • Pocket Primer Cleaner

  • Tube of Case Sizing Lube

  • Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing

Our Price

Only £159.95

Breech Lock Challenger Press


The O frame press by design is the strongest and by far the most popular style press. The larger than average opening allows for maximum hand clearance. The spent primer catcher is positive and allows you to route the spent primers directly to the rubbish.

Our Price

Only £89.95

Turret Press


Proven design with compound leverage. No spring in this turret design. The turret is locked into a steel ring with big rifle bolt type lugs. Exclusive design puts the lugs on the circumference so there can be no tipping.

Our Price

Only £109.95

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit


The perfect portable reloading press kit. Begin reloading at once. No wasted time mounting to a work bench. Pack it all in the box when finished. Great for apartment dwellers or loading at the range. Includes Breech Lock Hand Press, Ram Prime, Powder Funnel

Our Price

Only £49.95

The RELOADR digital powder scale has a range of fantastic features and is a must for any shooter looking to reload their ammunition with consistency and accuracy in mind. The platform 77mm x 59mm is made from black titanium chrome and has a White LCD backlit screen, requires 2 x AAA batteries included.

- Selectable Auto-Off
- Tare
- Linear Calibration
- Overload protection
- Anti Vibration Mat
- Hard Storage Travel Case


Capacity - 300gn 20g
Resolution - 0.1gn 0.001g
Modes - Grains Grams
Platform Size - 77mm x 59mm

Comes with:
Hard Stoarge Travel Case, 2 x 10g Calibration Weights, Powder Pan, Tweezers, Antivibration Mat, 2 x AAA batteries

Our Price

Only £49.95

MTM Electronic Scales


From first time reloaders to competitive gun shooters, MTM Case-Gardô introduces a pocket sized scale that is sure to satisfy all level of sportsmen. With an easy to read, backlit LCD display, powder pan, extended, 3 minute auto shut-off, most scales turn off after 30 seconds and up to 750 grain capacity plus or minus .1 grain accuracy this really is a great value addition to any reloaders equipment. the scale can measure in grains, grams, carats and ounces and has a calibration weight and detailed instructions included. The unit is powered by two AAA batteries (included) and comes in a protective case.

Our Price

Only £39.95

Lee Safety Scale


Lee Safety Scale is reliable, very accurate and simple to use, beam is made from a tough material. Sensitive and readable to 120 grain.

Our Price

Only £29.95

Lee Perfect Powder Measure


Lee Perfect Powder Measure is best for reloading rifle cases, can also be used for pistol cases. Throws charges from 2 to over 100 grains.

Our Price

Only £29.95

Lee Powder Funnel


Lee Powder Funnel is a large, unbreakable funnel that fits all cases from 22 to 45 caliber

Our Price

Only £3.95

Lee RGB Die Set


 Really Great Buy. Includes full length sizing die and bullet seating die only

Our Price

Only £22.95


Lee Collet Die Set


Lee Collet Die Set includes a Collet Die that uses a collet to squeeze a mandrel creating a precisely aligned case neck while reducing run out and the Dead Length Bullet Seater Die.

The set is complete, with shell holder, powder measure and famous Lee load data featuring all common brands of powder organized in a easy to read logical format.

Our Price

Only £29.95


Lee Ultimate Die Set


The set features a full length-resizing die to return brass to factory new dimensions, perfect for reloading brass fired in other guns. The Collet Neck sizing die is used on your fire formed brass giving you best possible accuracy. No case lube required and cases last almost forever. The Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet seating die fool-proofs the bullet seating adjustment, and assures perfect seating depth every time. The Factory Crimp die provides a secure crimp on bullets with or without a crimp groove. In most cases it helps accuracy by providing a uniform higher start pressure and gives the finished cartridge Factory like accuracy and dependability.

The set is complete, with shell holder, powder measure and famous Lee load data featuring all common brands of powder organized in a easy to read logical format.

Our Price

Only £47.95


Lee Auto Prime


Lee Auto Prime XR hand priming tool is a fast, safe, and effective way of priming cases. Lee Auto Prime XR uses inexpensive Lee Auto Prime shell holders only. Accepts primers from all manufactures.

Our Price

Only £19.95

Lee Universal Shell Holders


Lee shell holders for the presses and the auto primers

Our Price



Lee Hand Priming Tool Shell Holder


Lee shell holders for the auto primers

Our Price



Lee Case Conditioning Tools


Lee case conditioning tools such as case length gauges, chamfer tools & collar & neck studs plus many more.

Our Price

From £3.95


Lee Case Length Cutter & Shell Holder


Lee case Length Gauge is a precise, easy way to trim to length and square the case mouth. Used with the Cutter and Lock Stud or Zip Trim

Our Price



Lee Cutter With Ball Grip


Lee cutter with ball grip makes case trimming easier when used with the Zip Trim

Our Price


Lee Zip Trim


Lee Zip Trim rotates the case like a lathe. The case can be quickly trimmed, chamfered and polished. Used with the Case Length Gauge and Shell Holder, Cutter with Ball Grip, Deburring Tools, and 3-Jaw Chuck.

Our Price


Lee Resizing Lube


Lee Resizing Lube eliminates stuck and dented cases, makes sizing less work. Non-sticky, non-allergenic, and can be thinned with water

Our Price

Only £2.95

Frankford Arsenal Bullet Puller


Made of high quality plastic head and handle and aluminium rod it will disassemble easily your ammunition and it is virtually indestructible. Works for ammunition from .17Remington up to 50/70Govt. An extra 3-Collets set is included for FREE

Our Price

Only £24.95

MTM Reloading Tray

This Universal Loading Tray has been retooled and replaces the LT-150, which has served reloaders for many years. While it still holds almost all rifle cartridges .17 through .458 Winchester and handgun calibers for 9MM, .38 and .45 pistol calibre, it also now fits new rounds, such as the WSM, WSSM, Rem, Ultra Mags and the 500 S&W Mag.

Our Price

Only £9.95

MTM Metallic Cartridge Holders


Once you have conquered the art of reloading you will need somewhere to store your rounds and we have a selection of the MTM cartridge holders for most calibres between .22 and 30-06.

Our Price

From £3.95

Variable Speed Wet Case Tumbler


This is an excellent way to bring your cases back to new condition. A drop of cleaning solution and some stainless steel media (available separately) and twenty minutes tumbling and your brass comes out like new.

Our Price

Only £79.95

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