HIK Micro Owl Pro 35mm Thermal Monocular

HIK Micro Owl Pro 35mm Thermal Monocular


The mega, high-resolution 640x512, 17µm thermal sensor (35mK NETD rating) and HIK software delivers a detailed image to the generously sized and easy-to-view screen. 35mK NETD rating is one of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences! The WiFi and dedicated app allow you to take complete control of the unit's settings and features from your smartphone.

Choose between one of four colour palettes and optimise with brightness and contrast controls. IP67 rating guarantees a robust chassis capable of repelling dust and rain, protecting you from the worst of the weather. This is all backed up by a 3 year UK warranty.

  • Tech Specs

    Brand HIK Micro
    Popularity HIK Micro Owl PRO 35mm 35mK 640x512 17um Smart Thermal Monocular
    Unit Type Thermal
    Colour Palettes Yes
    Detection Range 3000m
    Display Resolution 1024x768
    Display Type OLED
    FOV @ 100 yards 17.7°
    Magnification (Digital) 4x
    Magnification (Optical) 1.4x
    NETD <35mK
    Objective Lens Diameter 35mm
    Operating Temperature -30/+55°C
    Pixel Pitch 17μm
    Rangefinder Stadiametric
    Refresh Rate 50HZ
    Sensor Resolution 640x512
    Video / Sound Recording Yes
    WiFi Yes