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  • Gun Shop | The Country Sports Shop | Bovey Tracey

    The Country Sports Shop Exterior Caesar Guerini & Cleaning Sections Reloading Section The Country Sports Shop Exterior 1/8 Shotguns Rifles Air Rifles Optics Reloading ABOUT US We are a family run business offering high quality service along with a large selection of stock. We offer quality guns and accessories across the spectrum of shooting from beginners to highly experienced at prices to suit all budgets. Shooting is a great sport and delivers a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and most of all enjoyment so if you are thinking about taking up the sport come in and see us, we will not pressure you into starting or buying expensive kit (we can get you going for just a few quid) but we can guide you in the right direction. New Arrivals Quick View Anti Cant Level - Weaver / Picatinny Price £12.95 Quick View Caldwell Rear Shooting Bag - Unfilled Price £38.95 Quick View Elite Tactical Drag Bag Price £99.95 Quick View Caldwell Wind Wizard II Price £59.95 Quick View Caldwell Mag Charger 15-22 Price £47.95 Quick View Anti Cant Level - Weaver / Picatinny Price £12.95 Quick View Caldwell Rear Shooting Bag - Unfilled Price £38.95 Quick View Elite Tactical Drag Bag Price £99.95 Quick View Caldwell Wind Wizard II Price £59.95 Quick View Caldwell Mag Charger 15-22 Price £47.95 First Name Last Name Enter Your Email Enter Your Subject Enter Your Message Send Thanks for submitting! CONTACT If you have an enquiry regarding any of our products or services please either use the form or any of the methods listed below. Tel: 01626 830031 The Country Sports Shop Limited The Old Kiln Pottery Road Bovey Tracey Devon TQ13 9DS JOIN OUR MAILING LIST AND NEVER MISS AN UPDATE Enter your email here SUBSCRIBE NOW Thanks for submitting!

  • Reloading | Country Sports Shop

    Reloading @ The Country Sports Shop Just received a delivery of Sierra & Nosler bullets, call in today to see if we have your favourite bullet as it may be our last delivery for a while! We have an extensive range of reloading components with bullets from Hornady, Nosler & Sierra, powders from VihtaVuori, Alliant, IMR and Ramshot as well as brass from Starline, Hornady, Nosler and of course Lapua with equipment from Lee, Hornady, Frankford Arsenal, Reloadr amongst others. We will soon be making our Reloading Section live online but in the meantime either call into the shop, phone us on 01626 830031 or email

  • Shotguns | Country Sports Shop

    We have an extensive range of shotguns available in most calibres and across a wide range of prices. Whether you are just setting out or stepping up your game we probably have a shotgun to suit you. If you are after a specific model then please give us a ring on 01626 830031, email us at or use the online message system and we we get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Reloading Your Own Ammunition

    You've probably heard of the three most important things in business; location, location, location. We in reloading I think the three most important things to get right are; case prep, case prep, case prep. Skip a step and your SD's fly out of the window. Yes the correct amount of powder is important but if you haven't resized your case correctly throwing the correct amount of powder means nothing. If you haven't bumped your shoulders back you will effect case volume, therefore pressure, therefore velocity of your bullet, no good if you are shooting past 600 yards. If you haven't cleaned your primer pocket will you get a consistent ignition? If you haven't got consistent neck tension the pressure build up will vary and so will velocity and so will point of impact. If your cases are stretched will they chamber? If they are split will you blow your gun up? Case prep, case prep, case prep, it will make you more consistent beyond 600 yards. I believe it is why I am able to shoot consistently out beyond 1000 yards. However, if you think this is all a step too far you should probably stick to shooting 100 yards at your local gun club or you may get frustrated!

  • 243 lead free ammunition.

    Has anyone used any lead free 243 ammunition on roe deer, if so what . I use browning A bolt and thinking of changing to lead

  • Who Is Shooting What?

    It is an interesting time in the world of shooting, it seems to us in the shop (The Country Sports Shop) that long range and precision shooting is by far the fastest growing part of rifle shooting with shooters looking to learn new skills and also to stretch their rifles to the edge of their limits. I started life as a hunter and remain a hunter managing deer in a beautiful part of Dartmoor but several years ago I decided that I wanted to use my rifles more so joined a local range. I then became interested in long range shooting, I'm not a target shooter as such even though I shoot at targets (you need something to aim at) as I have no interest in shooting against any other shooter but I have a passion for ballistics (as anyone dumb enough to ask me about ballistics will know) and love testing my skills as a shooter and reloader against longer range targets. To achieve this I have a short range precision rifle in the form of a Ruger Precision Rimfire in .22lr shooting out to 300 yards, a long range precision rifle with a Sabatti STR in 6.5x47 Lapua for shooting out to 1200 yards and an ultra long range rifle with a Howa 1500 Heavy Barrel in an MDT Oryx Stock in .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) for shooting beyond that. So what are you guys shooting, are you a hunter, a competition shooter or a precision rifle shooter and what rifles do you have? Let's not make this a competition on who has the best rifle (we all know I do) and I don't want any negative comments on what others shoot, this is just purely out of interest and maybe for you to showcase your beloved rifles.

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